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Homeland Heating & Air Conditioning is your immediate solution for all your HVAC service and repair needs. Michael Horner has nearly two decades of industry experience and has served Maryland for more than 19 years. Specialized in air-conditioning systems, heating systems, and indoor air quality, Homeland Heating & Air Conditioning‘s priority is state-of-the-art customer service, with honesty and integrity a key component in all customer interactions.

What sets us apart?

Homeland Heating & Air Conditioning comfortably stands apart from the saturated AC industry in Maryland. Why? Because driving the company is a passion and love for the HVAC trade. As a result, the customer will be receiving the highest skill-level engineer, working on your unit WHENEVER you call us. Quality of service, integrity and honesty are keywords for many others. With Homeland Heating & Air Conditioning, these goals provide the very blueprint for how we conduct our business. Upon meeting with the customer for the first time, we LISTEN and then quickly and efficiently begin to address and solve the customer’s HVAC requirements. If on those rare occasions when a problem presents itself which requires additional resources, Homeland Heating & Air Conditioning exhaustive knowledge base can be counted on to provide the answers the customer requires, and subsequent work will reflect that commitment to service with the priority of resolving the issue and earning the client’s trust. Homeland Heating & Air Conditioning realizes that customer service cannot be a slogan, it has to be the very foundation of our commitment to the community, for, without highly satisfied customers, we do not exist.
Our Objective

Unfortunately, over the years, Homeland Heating & Air Conditioning has listened to customers who, in the past, have been the victims of poor service from HVAC contractors. As a result of these situations, there exists no relationship between the consumer and the contractor, who abandon their client once monies are paid. As a result, this scenario provides a difficult challenge for the remaining HVAC specialists in the area, who might be called upon to resolve issues created by the previous company. However, Homeland Heating & Air Conditioning sees this challenge as an opportunity to establish a new, healthy relationship with our client. We’ll work as hard as necessary to earn your trust. We are not “handymen,” whose primary goal is to “make money.” Homeland Heating & Air Conditioning have been around long enough to know that “bottom line” profits will never supersede top-quality work and customer service. It’s why our licensed business continues to flourish.
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