As winter approaches in Frederick County, MD, it may be time to consider getting a new furnace to make sure your home is warm on those frigid days. Before you decide on a new model, there are some important details that you should know about furnaces. This brief guide provides the most essential information to help you make the right choice.

Types of Furnaces

Furnaces are categorized by the sources of energy that they use to provide heat. The three most common types are natural gas, electric, and propane. In most cases, natural gas will be the most common and affordable option. Propane is a viable alternative if natural gas is unavailable.

If natural gas and propane costs are high, you might consider an electric furnace. Although gas and propane models tend to be more cost-efficient, electric furnaces have some advantages that include being cleaner, safer, and quieter.

Furnace Size

After considering the type of furnace you prefer, the next step is choosing the correct size. This is vital because a furnace that is too small will not provide enough heat, and one that is too large will be wasteful and overly expensive. You can determine the correct size by hiring a technician to perform an assessment called a “load calculation.”

Other Important Features

After deciding the size and type of furnace you want, narrow your choices based on other features. If you want control over the temperature of specific areas of the home, some furnaces provide a zoning system for this. To alleviate dry air in winter, some models include a humidifier. You should also consider the quality of the filtration system that the furnace is equipped with to ensure that your home has clean air.

When choosing a furnace for your Frederick County home, consult a professional before making a final decision. For all things related to heating, air conditioning, and ventilation for your home, we can provide expert advice and service. Feel free to contact Homeland Heating & Air Conditioning today for more information.

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