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There are many reasons you may need to replace your air conditioner. Maybe your unit just isn’t cutting it anymore with the 100+ degree summers, high electric bills, or maybe its past its lifetime and not worth the cost of repairs. The average lifespan of an HVAC system in Maryland can range from 10 to 15 years due to the excessive summer heat.


Cost of Installing an AC Unit In Maryland
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High: $1600+


LOW: $6000

Great Brands Sold at Homeland HVAC
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...and more!

Homeland Heating and Air Conditioning has the best prices on the most popular AC brands and models. Contact us today for a free in-home price estimate.

Major factors that affect the price

Unit's SEER rating: In the HVAC world, a SEER rating communicates how efficient an AC system is. High-efficiency systems cost more upfront, but they can save homeowners hundreds of dollars a year on their energy bills – a great perk!

Unit size: Your home has a unique size and layout. The AC you purchase needs to be sized to match that layout, or it can increase energy bills and reduce the AC's lifespan. Your service tech will help size your AC system to ensure maximum savings over the system's lifetime.

Fixing ductwork issues: It wouldn't be right of us to install a brand new AC system without reviewing the home's ductwork first. Damaged ductwork can wear down the new system and cost homeowners a fortune in energy bills. Your service tech will always be upfront about these repairs' costs.

Consider getting a new air conditioner if...

The AC is 10-14+ years old: Summers in Maryland are never easy on AC systems. From our experience, the average AC in Maryland lives about 10-14 years.

The system needs frequent repairs: If your AC is starting to need repairs almost annually, it's near the end of its lifespan.

Your energy bills are rising: Do you have outrageously high bills? Older units are inefficient and run up your energy bills.

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-Installation Process-

Your Homeland AC repair experience:

1. Request a free estimate

Contact us online or call us at (301) 639-8564 to request a repair. You'll talk to a friendly Customer Service Rep to find a time that works within your busy schedule.

2. Receive an arrival call

Your professionally-trained tech will call you while they are on their way to your home, so you know exactly when they will be arriving.

3. Get AC options and upfront prices

Once the technician arrives, they will talk to you about your comfort needs and do the necessary calculations to find the right AC unit for you. You'll see the system installation price upfront, so there are no surprises!

4. Install within the same week

Our install scheduling crew tries to make sure the installation you purchased happens as soon as possible according to your schedule. If it can't happen within 24 hours, we prioritize scheduling it for the next closest time slot.

5. Share your feedback with us

Finally, we'll ask for your feedback on how we did so we can make sure you were 100% satisfied. And if you're not? Let us know, we'll make things right!

Ready to schedule your AC installation Estimate?

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