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Many people don’t realize it, but the thermostat or zoning system in your Maryland home is a vital part of your HVAC system. When your thermostat is not functioning properly, it can cause discomfort for you and your family, as well as wear and tear on your heating and cooling systems. Fortunately, Homeland Heating and Air Conditioning can help.

-Thermostat & Zoning-

Your Thermostat & Zoning System
is Important

Your thermostat is a key component of your HVAC system. Not only does it help ensure that the temperature of your home is set to you and your family’s comfort, it also helps your HVAC system operate more effectively and efficiently.

How can Homeland HVAC Help

At Homeland Heating and Air Conditioning, we take pride in offering our customers the best thermostat and zoning products on the market. What’s more, our expert technicians will install your thermostat system professionally, so you can rest assured that it’s working properly with your Maryland home’s HVAC system.

Signs You Need a New Thermostat or Zoning System

Many times, homeowners think there’s something wrong with their HVAC system when the real problem lies with the home’s thermostat. Here are a few signs that it may be time to replace your old thermostat:

  • Your HVAC system will not turn on or off

  • There has been a spike in your utility bills

  • You notice frequent temperature fluctuations

  • The temperature reading is incorrect

  • Your current thermostat is more than 10 years old

Ready to schedule your Thermostat installation estimate?

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