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Indoor Air Quality Services

As people have become more aware of viruses, household chemicals, and other particulates, they have become more concerned about the air quality inside their homes. Homeowners in Maryland want to know that the air they’re breathing is fresh, clean, and free of contaminants. At Homeland Heating and Air Conditioning, we’re ready to help.


More and More People Want Better IAQ


People spend more time indoors than in the past, and most homes are much better insulated and sealed than in the past. While this is great for keeping your Frederick, Maryland home comfortable and energy efficient, it can also mean that indoor air quality isn’t the greatest. That’s because the particulate matter in the air has no means of escape and keeps circulating through your home. Unfortunately, poor indoor air quality can lead to allergies, asthma, and unsafe conditions for you and your family.

How can HOmeland HVAC Help?

The most common indoor air problem is particle allergens such as dust, dander, pollen, spores and bacteria, which occur in 91% of all homes. Fixing your indoor air quality problems creates a healthy home environment and can increase the value of your Frederick, Maryland home.

Homeland Heating and Air Conditioning are working with AirAdvice for Homes, inc. through the Honeywell Contractor Pro program to offer an analysis of indoor air quality (IAQ) and remediation plans for homeowners. After you take part in our IAQ testing and we have implemented the right solution for your home, you will be surprised at the peace of mind you get just by knowing you are now living in a clean, healthy, and safe environment.

Areas In Your Home That Need Better Indoor Air Quality

Homeland HVAC is proud to be one of Maryland's top indoor air quality testing companies. With a personalized home air quality test, we can identify the following harmful allergens throughout various rooms in your house:

  • Carbon Monoxide

  • Carbon Dioxide

  • Volatile Organic Chemicals

  • Temperature

  • Humidity

  • Particles

Call Homeland HVAC for the Indoor Air Quality Services You Need

Homeland Heating and Air Conditioning is your solution for indoor air quality testing in Frederick. Call us today or fill out our online form to help make your home healthy and clean with our indoor air quality testing services today! Your home’s air quality test is just a quick call away!

Call 301-639-8564 to learn more.

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